Ponymoji App Reviews

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Cute ponies

They are cute. Would be nice to customize. A little pricey for what you get.

Great App!!

I love these emojis! There is nothing like them in the app store. All the faces are so funny! Love it!


Bought but can't figure out how to work it from iMessage!


I bought this but don't understand how to get it

A Horse of a Different Color

Cute idea, but too pricey not to be customizable to one's own horse's color and markings. Add that feature and it'll be much more fun!

Don't waste your money

Does not sync with all emojis which make it something I would not use. Save your money. It is to time consuming to open app just to send one emoji.

Save your money

You only get a very few to pick from. Not on key board. Need to cut and paste. If I could get a refund, I would!

Really cute

The horse emojis are really cute, BUT, it does not sync with keyboard. The only way I can use it is to copy/paste into messages which involves remembering I have purchased the app, closing the message, opening the app, finding which pic to send, copying it, closing the app, opening the message, and pasting.

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